Free public DNSCrypt v2 server hosted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For DNS traffic encryption and authentication.


  • DNSSEC validation for better security
  • DNS Flag Day ready
  • Caching
  • No logs
  • No censoring and filtering
  • ED25519 and ED448 algorithm support
  • Query prefetching to reduce latency
  • Query minimization for improved privacy
  • No forwarding to external/upstream DNS servers (recursive)
  • Daily certificate rotation for forward secrecy
  • Supporting the latest DNSCrypt v2 protocol version
  • Latest Unbound recursive DNS resolver
  • Pi-hole compatible

DNSCrypt v2 server

Server namednscrypt.nl-ns0, dnscrypt.nl-ns0-ipv6
Provider name2.dnscrypt-cert.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
IPv4 address45.76.35.212
IPv6 address2001:19f0:5001:30a:5400:ff:fe58:7140

Provider key and DNS stamps

# Provider key
# dnscrypt.nl-ns0

# dnscrypt.nl-ns0-ipv6


Server details can be verified by checking out my Keybase public files which are PGP signed by me. Alternatively use dig as shown below.

dig A +short +dnssec ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec pkey.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec pname.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec sname.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec ips.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec port.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec stamp.ipv4.ns0.dnscrypt.nl
dig TXT +short +dnssec stamp.ipv6.ns0.dnscrypt.nl

To verify that you are actually making use of the server do a DNS Leak test.

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